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Paintball Field Rules

Masks to be worn on field

Paintball masks must stay on at all times while on the field. No Exceptions. We reserve the right to require players who violate this rule on accident or on purpose to sit out the following round.*


If a player has their mask accidentally come off on the field, the referees will shout “freeze.” Everyone, players as well as fellow referees, are required to repeat this and all players must cease firing and safety their markers immediately.

Marker safety devices and etiquette

The barrel blocking devices (barrel bags, barrel socks, etc.) must be on the marker barrels, safety buttons engaged, and fingers off the trigger before exiting the field. No Exceptions. We reserve the right to require players who violate this rule on accident or on purpose to sit out the following round. Do not put dirty paint or paint that has fallen onto the ground into the marker, this will jam the marker.**


Blindfire is not allowed on this field. Players must be able to see where their paint is hitting.

No marker melee

Players may not, under any circumstance, throw their marker at, or hit another player with their marker. Such behavior will result in immediate expulsion from the field. In addition, do not set markers on the ground, and keep them off the ground during play.

Field objects and safety

Players may not crawl into tight areas, or over objects that raise to about the waist or higher. This includes, but is not limited to: climbing into tubes on TAC Field, into trees, vaulting over windows/barricades, etc. Exception: fallen logs in Woodsball Field.

Paint breaks/splatter

Paintballs must break on a player in order for them to be out, “bounces” do not count. The spot must be a quarter size or larger, so spatter does not count as a hit. Players may call for paint checks on themselves by yelling “Paint check!” The player must get to cover and wait for a referee to run to them and determine them “hit” or “clean”.

Eliminated players

Once hit, a player must raise their hand or marker in the air and yell “hit” and then jog off the field and stand by a referee. Once they reach the referee they must safety their marker. If a players calls themselves hit, and later discovers the paintball bounced instead of breaking, they may not re-enter on that round as they have already called hit.

Close Quarter Combat (CQB)

When within 5 feet of another player, do not shoot. Call out “Safety!” as loud as you can, and as many times necessary to alert the other player. When within approximately 15 feet of another player, attempt to surrender them by calling out “Surrender or Die!” at which time the other player may choose to call “hit” and, or attempt to stay in the game by fighting back.

Friendly fire

Friendly fire is when one teammate shoots another teammate. This is not allowed. An accidental friendly fire will be given a warning. At the referee's discretion, accidental or purposeful friendly fire will result in the player being sat out of the game, or expulsion from the field.

** Engaging both the barrel blocking device and safety button is referred to as “safetying” the marker.